We Buy Mobile Homes in Charleston, SC

Do you live in Charleston, SC? Do you have a mobile home and land that you want to sell?

Well grab your phone and call (843) 881-7171 because we buy mobile homes Charleston, SC or complete our Seller Questionnaire!!

We Buy Mobile Homes in Charleston SCOne thing we should make clear is that we only buy mobile homes if you’re selling the land too. If you just need the mobile home sold, we would not be the company to buy your mobile home. If you are looking to sell just your mobile home, we would recommend calling mobile home dealers in Charleston to see what they would suggest would be the best way for you to go.

However, if you have a mobile home and lot you are selling, then remember that we buy mobile homes Charleston, SC. It’s a simple process actually. We will come look at your mobile home, crunch some numbers, and make you a cash offer. As long as you have clear title to the home, we can close in less than a week. Since I pay cash the whole process can be done really quickly.

Now a lot of people ask me if they need to clean up the home or the lot. And other times they want to know if they should paint the home, change out the carpet etc. If you are selling the home to us, the answer is NO! Leave the home exactly the way it is. We buy mobile homes in Charleston, SC as-is where-is, so don’t worry about scaring me off with ugly, dirty, old, or messy. I’ve seen them all!

Want to find out how much you can get for your mobile home in Charleston SC ? Let us make you a no-obligation cash offer.

  • Sell your mobile home fast
  • Avoid making needed repairs – I buy mobile homes ‘as-is’
  • Avoid paying lot rent and utilities on an unwanted home

To get started, simply fill out the form from HERE

Steve Banis

About Steve Banis

When I originally began investing in Real Estate, I wasn’t a real estate agent. And I still do not list houses as an agent! No, I’m not proposing that I list your home, or have you sign some kind of agency agreement. My involvement with you and your property is for our own investment portfolio.…. not the score-sheet of a Broker. My background includes that of being an executive for several Fortune 500 companies since 1968, an owner of real estate since 1975, a businessman in Boston, MA and Charleston, SC. I am a VETERAN of THE UNITED STATES ARMY, beginning my Service career January 1964, in Columbia, SC on Tank Hill at Ft. Jackson. I have been up and down the ladder in my business as well as my personal life - therefore I am well qualified to understand the various situations and challenges of the homeowners we meet. We can help provide solutions to various real estate challenges and situations. My passion is to assist in the sale and purchase of real estate. The rest of this report tells you how our company, CASH HOMEBUYERS of SOUTH CAROLINA, LLC., will assist you by purchasing your home.

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