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Just who is SOUTH CAROLINA HOMES, INC. and what do they do?

First, let me tell you a little bit about myself… Steve Banis. When I originally began investing in Real Estate, I wasn’t a real estate agent. And I am still not a real estate agent!! No, I’m not proposing that I list your home, or have you sign some kind of agency agreement. My involvement with you and your property is for our own investment portfolio.…. not the score-sheet of a Broker. My background includes being an executive for several Fortune 500 companies since 1968, an owner of real estate since 1975, a businessman in Boston, MA and Charleston, SC.

Born in Boston MA in 1944, a graduate of several colleges with three degrees in business. 1964 graduate of the United States Army Infantry Training Center, Ft. Jackson, SC. I continue as a member of the Honor Guard of the oldest military unit in the Western Hemisphere.

Three of the most memorable events in my memory that have shaped my life are:
  1. My decision to put my trust in God to direct my life.
  2. My decision to leave the corporate world to become an entrepreneur
  3. My continued military affiliations, including in uniform, carrying the United States of America Flag into Vatican City on May 6, 2006, to the Pope in Vatican City Rome in at the 500th Anniversary of the Vatican Swiss Guard, meeting and receiving Holy Communion from Pope Benedict.
Veteran Owned Real Estate Business

I am a Veteran of the US Army, beginning my Service career January 1964, in Columbia, SC on Tank Hill at Ft. Jackson. Steve arrived at Ft Jackson, SC from Boston, MA as a 19-year-old PVT E-1 in January 1964 as a volunteer soldier to serve the USA. Echo Co, 2 Btn, 1TBGE at the bottom of Tank Hill. Serving thereafter for many years to present as a Staff Sergeant E-6, member Color Guard Flag, Sumter Guards of Charleston (1819), Cosgrove Avenue Armory.

Steve Banis - Sell Your House Fast in Charleston
Three Warriors – Folly Beach Christmas Parade 2016

I have been up and down the ladder in my business as well as my personal life. I am well qualified to understand the various situations homeowners have that we meet. And to help provide solutions to these challenges. My passion is to help homeowners like you in the sale and purchase of real estate. The rest of this report tells you how our company, SOUTH CAROLINA HOMES, INC., can assist you by purchasing your property, house, mobile home, or land. We have been involved with the purchase, sale, and renovation of over 115 single-family homes in the Greater Tri-County Charleston, SC area.

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